Grading out coaches is a difficult thing for the most fans. Unlike players, the product the coach puts on the field is totally dependent on others. Dom Capers does not sack the quarterback or make an interception, but his schemes and teachings put the defenders in place for that to happen. As a result it’s rare to see fans praise the coaching staff but common place to think of the whole bunch as idiots who can be replaced easily. In reality it’s often hard for those outside the building to evaluate how a coach performs for those outside the organization. It’s a bit like judging a teacher. A good teacher needs to be sensitive to the needs of his students, maintain discipline, and keeps the class learning together as a whole…not leaving any child behind. It’s a messy and hard to evaluate proposition….and even harder if you can’t see the teacher in the classroom each day. In the same way, a coach needs to teach and motivate his players….putting them in a position to succeed. It’s a job as much about human interaction as it is about the nuts and bolts of football. As such, it’s hard for those outside the organization, or outside the football industry, to solid sense of how each individual performs. We can look at records, stats, and what players developed…but someone the picture is going to be incomplete.