To win the World Series — and perhaps you’ve already made this joke by now — the Cleveland Indians will need to win three games against their ALDS opponent, four against their ALCS opponent, and four more against their World Series opponent. You get that; I get that; we all get that. And though the Indians have been playing extremely well for more than a month now — they’ve won 30 of their last 33 games, which is absurd — neither momentum nor even sheer baseball talent ever seems to go a heck of a long way toward determining the winner of a short postseason series. It’s random. It’s all always random. But there is, obviously, a massive skill component in running away with the AL Central and reaching the postseason for the second straight year, as the Indians have, and for the sake of previewing their October it seems worth examining the things that will likely need to go right for the Cleveland team, as constructed, to win its first championship since 1948. Here are five of them: 1. Continue having ridiculous pitching By WAR, the Indians’ 2017 pitching staff is the best of all time. Though it is in large part a reflection of this whiff-heavy era in baseball, the group has already established a new record for strikeouts by a team in a single season, and will finish the year with historic rates in strikeouts per nine innings, strikeout percentage, and strikeout-to-walk ratio. They’ve got the Majors’ best staff ERA, the best bullpen ERA, and the second-best rotation ERA. They have allowed the fewest walks, yielded the fewest homers, and blown the fewest saves of any big-league team this year. It’s very, very good. And the Indians — unsurprisingly — have done their best pitching during their outrageous run of success over the past couple of months. Since the start of their 22-game win streak in late August, Cleveland owns a collective 2.15 ERA. Since returning from a back injury on June 1, Corey Kluber is 15-2 with a 1.62 ERA and 221 strikeouts against only 23 walks in 161 1/3 innings. After missing the better part of a month and a half with knee issues, Andrew Miller is back in the bullpen, performing well and ready to be Andrew Miller In The Postseason again. Again, just about anything can happen in short October showdowns, but the Indians’ pitching staff has the ability and the depth to carry the club to glory this fall. Arguably no team has ever been better suited to do so. 2. Figure out the outfield