Like "LeBron" or "Trump," the "Brooklyn pick" needs no introduction. It's its own thing, a pronoun, a symbol of both a tortured moment in the Cavs' recent past and hopefully for them a bridge to a bright future. And for the 10 to 12 talent evaluators working to help the Cavs determine who they might draft with the Brooklyn Nets' No. 1 pick in the 2018 NBA draft, it represents a unique sense of hope and fulfillment at work. "With a high pick, you go to a game and you watch a guy and you think 'there's a legit chance that maybe we get him, and he becomes a core piece of our franchise moving forward,'" said Cavs assistant general manager Mike Gansey, who oversees the organization's amateur scouting. "There's a player who's going to go high in the draft and we have a chance of getting that guy, where in years past it was a long shot." The Cavs host the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday and will play them once more next month in New York -- which means there's at least two chances to really get into what the pick means for Cleveland. The Nets have a game Monday against Chicago, and heading into it had lost eight in a row.