When the Rockies brought back Jeff Francis last year after releasing Jamie Moyer, the move made sense based on injuries and lack of any other reliable starters. I was not sure I agreed with the decision to keep him with the team for 2013 and I am curious as to what to expect from him this year. With his first action coming this Sunday, let's look at a couple of different methods for projecting his production in 2013 and if it makes sense to keep him on the roster. Of the many different projection systems in use, here are two projection systems as shown on Fangraphs.com: Steamer: 8-6, 4.50 ERA with 120 IP in 20 starts; WHIP 1.35, 5.01 K/9, 2.16 BB/9 Oliver: 8-11, 5.13 ERA with 167 IP in ?? starts; WHIP 1.51, 5.29 K/9, 2.05 BB/9 I find these projections to be fairly odd for a couple of reasons. For example, Jeff Francis has not had an ERA below 4.82 since his great 2007 season and has not had an ERA below 5 as a Rockie since that year. Projecting a 4.50 ERA seems highly unlikely and seems to be a product of a failed computer model.