What can you expect from the Kansas City Chiefs upcoming offseason? There will be a number of story lines around the team that we'll be following. Free agency will come in March, with names like Branden Albert, Dexter McCluster and Tyson Jackson up in the air. The Chiefs will also be signing their own free agent players, bringing in some fresh blood. Will they pick up secondary help? Receiver? Then the 2014 NFL Draft will be in May and the Chiefs hold the 23rd pick. Who will they pick? The Chiefs will be without their second round pick so they could be inclined to pick up help on the open market. One story line has the potential to stand out among all of those: Alex Smith's contract. In Kansas City, quarterback contracts are kind of a big deal. Back when the Chiefs first traded for Smith, there were questions about whether his contract, which now has a reported $7.5 million remaining and runs through 2014, would be extended. It wasn't. So now, after the season, the same question about Smith's deal will come up.