Whenever a man becomes a public figure, his flaws will be magnified. Any missteps will be easy to target, any failures magnified. Many people will couch this by saying that Scott Howson is a good man, he simply wasn't a good GM. I think that's a fair statement, but it doesn't go far enough. He made several moves that paid off for the club, and it's worth recognizing the decisions, on ice and off, that he got right. Adam Foote's Departure One of the first major issues of his tenure was the Jackets' captain, Adam Foote, demanding a trade to Colorado. Even though the team was still in the playoff hunt, he made it clear he wanted no part of extending his tenure in Columbus, and that only one team was an acceptable destination. Despite that, Howson managed to swing a first round pick for the veteran defenseman, and opened up significant salary.