If the Orioles decide to trade Manny Machado, they hope to do so by the end of the week, according to industry sources. They can’t wait much longer to put the rest of their offseason on hold, especially because their need for starting pitching is sizable. If they do move Machado, they also need to figure out how to replace him in the infield. While the interest in Machado is well-known, the specific pieces being discussed in trade offers for the All-Star third baseman are not. That plays to the Orioles’ favor. Executive vice president Dan Duquette plays all things close to the vest, and the potential haul for the franchise’s best player should be no different because uncertainty could help tactically in negotiating such a move. The Orioles are known for their methodical approach to making all decisions, no matter how big. A final deal could sit with team doctors and ultimately in managing partner Peter Angelos’ office for an extended time as every detail is resolved. The club is still commanding at least two starting pitchers who can remain under club control for at least the next four or five years, which is no small demand for a player who will become a free agent in one year and has every intention of testing the free-agent market. If they don’t receive the haul they desire, the Orioles say, they remain content with keeping Machado and considering a trade in midsummer, but some in the industry believe the situation has gone too far for Machado to remain in an Orioles uniform on Opening Day. Consummating a deal will still have its challenges, and it’s a trade the Orioles must be all-in on to complete. And even though the Orioles have received plenty of interest from potential trade partners, one source said there are probably only three teams that could truly give the Orioles what they need for Machado.