Pep Guardiola was involved in what looked like a furious argument with Southampton forward Nathan Redmond following Manchester City's dramatic win over Southampton on Wednesday night. Raheem Sterling scored a 96th-minute winner as City defeated Saints 2-1 and, bizarrely, after celebrating the goal, Guardiola marched over to an unsuspecting Redmond and proceeded to lay into the 23 year-old, even tapping his hand on the player's chest. Whatever Redmond had done during the game had clearly irked Guardiola, but the player himself seemed to remain calm throughout the altercation. It seems, though, that rather than angry verbals, Guardiola had simply been voicing his frustration on behalf of the player. "(I told him) how good a player he is," Guardiola said. "Last season he destroyed us here. I didn't know him last season, I realised how good he is.