His tale was that of a man who would pitch like a champ, get little or no help from his lineup and shrug off the absence of backup. His teammates would sigh, the locals would despair and a nation of baseball fans would barely notice. This has been the primary theme of Matt Cain's seven-year Giants career, persisting through 215 starts, two All-Star game appearances and a championship postseason in which he did not allow an earned run in three starts. The long overdue update on Cain's marquee worthiness is now being demanded. With a perfect game against Houston on Wednesday night, in his 216th start, Cain submitted the best possible attempt to rewrite the narrative. "It's been something I've always wanted to do, ever since I was little," Cain said Thursday, 14 hours after his champagne-soaked moment. "I've always wanted to have that on my resume. To finally have it is ... pretty amazing." The big right-hander was both impeccable and historic in pitching the first perfect game in 128 years of Giants baseball and the 22nd since the game was conceived in the middle of the 19th century.