If you thought the Lakers would approach the halfway mark of the season hovering around .500, you’re a goddamn liar. 

Even those of us who were skeptical this iteration of the purple and gold would live up to the insane expectations placed upon it before the season tipped in October—after the roster was completely revamped around superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis, headlined by the acquisition of Russell Westbrook—never imagined Los Angeles would play such underwhelming basketball entering January. 

Injuries, issues with health and safety protocols, a distinct lack of continuity, and the inconsistency of everyone not named LeBron have all contributed in a major way to the Lakers limping into the new year, sitting in 7th place in the West with a 20-19 record after Tuesday’s win over the lowly Kings. And considering Los Angeles operates with a win-now mentality, as long as No. 6, who turned 37 on Dec. 30, suits up, it’s logical to wonder what moves the Lakers can make to spark an in-season renaissance.   

“I would say there is a very, very small chance they can pull off something significant,” ESPN NBA front-office insider Bobby Marks tells Complex Sports. “It’s top-heavy when you have LeBron, AD, and Westbrook with those salaries, and then there’s a huge drop.”

Let’s just say you probably have better odds of finding a slice of pizza that isn’t cardboard, Prego, and Velveeta in LA than the Lakers do of making a big move to jolt themselves out of mediocrity.