The Mets' former star shortstop and the Mets' future star shortstop became so inseparable this season that from a distance, it became tough to tell which one was which. Their haircuts, or what you could see of them underneath a hat, were the same. They sported similar facial hair and were similarly built. Amed Rosario and Jose Reyes became friends in Double-A Binghamton during the summer of 2016 and have grown to be much more. They both say they're more like brothers now and their bromance became a key storyline once Rosario was promoted to the big leagues at the start of August. "There's no words to it," Rosario, through an interpreter, recently told NJ Advance Media. "He's more than a friend, he's a brother and I've learned a lot from him." Once the games started, it became easier to differentiate between the two shortstops. Rosario can make the type of dazzling plays Reyes made for years in the middle infield. Reyes' range hasn't diminished a ton (unless you put him at third base, but that's another story), but with Rosario claiming sole ownership of shortstop, Reyes was moved to the second base and the mentor and mentee proved to be a formidable double-play tandem in the final months of the season.