Football coaches at Flower Mound High School recognized Nick Evers’ athleticism and talent as he began his sophomore year in 2019. Evers, a raw quarterback prospect with high upside, was behind a three-year senior starter. But the staff saw another pathway to get Evers on the field: as a reserve wide receiver on the varsity team.

Many underclassmen may have jumped at the proposal, satisfied with basking in the glory of Friday night lights in Texas. Evers did not. After a great deal of thought, he came to a conclusion of his own: I’m a good receiver. But I think I can be a great quarterback.

That’s why Evers spent his sophomore season on the junior-varsity team, learning the intricacies of the quarterback position as a full-time starter when few people were watching. Flower Mound football coach Brian Basil says now that those formative months had a long-lasting impact on Evers, who eventually blossomed into one of the most sought-after quarterbacks in the 2022 recruiting class.

“He didn’t chase ego and want to be on varsity as a sophomore just to say he did it,” said Evers’ father, Derrick. “He really kind of humbled himself. There is a consistency in behavior with him that he is about growth and development.”

Four years later, Evers arrived at Wisconsin still chasing growth and development in his quest to be the best quarterback possible. Yes, he has achieved enviable accolades, which include becoming a four-star prospect, a top-10 quarterback recruit and an Elite 11 finalist. Such accomplishments naturally carry with them high expectations. But those close to Evers say that, as he did during his prep career, he hasn’t lost sight of his goals and continues to see the bigger picture.

Evers, who transferred out of Oklahoma at the end of his freshman season eight weeks ago, could have gone to any number of schools. Derrick said 42 programs reached out to inquire about Evers after he entered the portal. He chose Wisconsin because he thought it would best serve him for the long-term, even though the new coaching staff made it clear he likely wouldn’t be the only transfer addition at the position this offseason.