Andre Iguodala’s contributions and sacrifices for the Golden State Warriors‘ dynastic run are immeasurable. Thus, Iggy is undoubtedly right up there in terms of most beloved Warriors of all time.

While speaking to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod, Warriors president Bob Myers explained in detail what made the 2015 Finals MVP so special for their team.

Via NBC Sports Bay Area:

“This is the part of Andre that’s so impressive,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on “The Woj Pod.” “He says to Steve ‘All right, if that’s what you think is best for the team.’ Not only does he say that, he doesn’t then call a reporter off the record and say, ‘This is B.S., this guy has never coached a game in his life and he’s telling me to come off the bench? And I’m an Olympic champion and I’m an All-Star?’ And then goes to practice and mopes, he doesn’t do any of that. He authentically says and believes this is best for the team.

As Myers said, Iguodala’s biggest sacrifice was fully accepting a bench role when Steve Kerr arrived in 2014.