The three-year, $54 million deal given by the Jaguars to quarterback Blake Bortles looks on the surface like a good deal for the team. With the market for quarterbacks finally approaching $30 million, the Jaguars got Bortles for only $3 million per year more than the Bears paid to glorified placeholder Mike Glennon a year ago. But there’s also an argument to be made that the Jaguars paid Bortles too much. Think of it from the player’s perspective. If the Jaguars had cut Bortles before his $19 million base salary for 2018 became fully guaranteed on March 14, who would have paid him $18 million per year, while also giving him a chance to make another $12 million over the course of the next three years? Who would have given him that money along with a promise that he wouldn’t be this year’s version of Glennon, holding the No. 1 job on the depth chart until supplanted in October by a first-round draft pick who unexpectedly arrives in late April?