Paul Pierce dropped an interesting story from the 2014-15 season he played with the Wizards in an interview with Cari Champion for Uber last week, how when he was with Washington he was surprised at how many players went on their phones at halftime. He noticed it in other stops late in his career as well, that younger players treat the midgame break differently than the older veterans do. Here is what Pierce said, as transcribed by “I just remember going in at halftime and I’m looking at everybody on their phone and I’m like ‘What is everybody doing on their phone? We supposed to be locking in to the game.’ And I’m finding out everybody is on Instagram, everybody is on Twitter. Everybody is finding out what people are saying about them for the first half." When asked this week by NBC Sports Washington, several Wizards players admitted they go on their phone at halftime, but not for the reason Pierce suggested. None of them said they check social media. What they will do is text those they trust to field advice on what they can do in the second half. "I'm not going to sit here and say I haven't done it before. I've checked my phone before," guard Bradley Beal said on the Wizards Tipoff podcast. "My mom is probably going off on me about my shot, changing some things. Same with my trainer. If I'm not having a good shooting night, I will see if anybody is watching the game and see if they can tell me something I need to know before I go back out there. But social media I stay off." "If I'm not playing too well, I will ask my trainer what can I do. Or, I will ask my agent or my best friend," guard John Wall said. "I might text them and ask them what they think I should do."