As of today, point guard Eric Bledsoe—who is a restricted free agent—has yet to sign a new deal with the Phoenix Suns or receive an offer sheet from another team. He is arguably the most talented free agent available at this point in the offseason, but his restricted free-agent status has clearly worked against him. Very few teams still have significant money to spend on free agents, and only the Philadelphia 76ers are in a position to pay Bledsoe the type of salary that he is looking for (reportedly $80 million over five years). Bledsoe continues to wait for a contract offer that is not likely to come. The Suns let the market determine how much Bledsoe is worth, and were willing to match just about any offer the talented point guard was set to receive from another team. Other teams shied away from offering Bledsoe any contract knowing that the Suns would most likely match it. Understanding that the Suns have all the leverage in this situation, Bledsoe is unlikely to receive the sort of deal he was looking for entering the offseason. So the question remains, what is Bledsoe actually worth? It has been reported that the Suns have offered Bledsoe a four-year, $48 million contract to stay in Phoenix. For a 24-year-old point guard who has played in just 240 NBA games, averaged just 22 minutes per game throughout his four-year career and gone through two knee surgeries at this point, $48 million would seem like a good deal. But Bledsoe is a unique talent, a combination of sheer strength and skill with a ton of potential. That’s a mix of attributes that NBA general managers pay a premium for.