The New Orleans Pelicans won the NBA Draft lottery last night. Their sales staff was exultant, and why shouldn’t they be? Whether Zion Williamson or Ja Morant winds up being a better basketball player will be played out on the court but — for at least the time being — the former is going to be gangbusters at the box office.

But let’s put on our reckless speculation hats for just a second: What if Zion Williamson does not want to play for the Pelicans?

We’ve seen the scenario play out before in the NFL — Eli Manning did not want to go to the Chargers, and John Elway refused to play for the Baltimore Colts — but I can’t recall it happening in the NBA before.

While Zion has given no outward indication that he would refuse to play for New Orleans, it was reported last night that the Knicks were his preference