In a season that has seen so much go wrong for the Red Sox, this was something that prevented things from getting even worse.

Xander Bogaerts agreeing to his contract extension has subtly become a hugely important piece of keeping some optimism in the Red Sox' corner going forward.

If Bogaerts was sitting at this point of the season, just a few months away from becoming a free agent, the discomfort of the 2019 campaign would undeniably be amped up appreciably.

"I don’t know," said Bogaerts when asked about how he would feel these days if the shortstop was living life in a contract year on the Bradfo Sho podcast. "I don’t know how I would have dealt with all the …"

Bogaerts and Chris Sale were clearly prioritized by the Red Sox heading into this season, with both players eliminating the chance to hit free agency this coming offseason thanks to extensions. For Bogaerts the payday was a six-year, $120 million deal that allows for an opt-out after the 2022 season.