The Los Angeles Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook, who will join LeBron James and Anthony Davis to form the NBA's latest Big Three. After injuries derailed LA's attempt to defend their bubble championship, everyone assumed they would make a big move, but Westbrook seems to make no sense.

He is not the typical point guard who plays alongside James. He takes a ton of shots and has the ball in his hands at a historic rate. When you look for a point guard to go with LeBron you want somebody who can make spot up three-pointers created. Westbrook is a career 30 percent three-point shooter.

This will be Westbrook's fourth team in the last four seasons. In each of the previous five seasons with Westbrook as the leader of a team, they have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Each season he has been one of the seven highest-paid players in the league. Yet each team weighs the pros and cons and decides they can make it work with Westbrook. Now it's the Lakers turn.