Howie Roseman doesn't give a damn what his quarterbacks think of him. The Eagles GM alienated Carson Wentz in 2020 and seems hellbent on creating the same dynamic with Jalen Hurts in 2021.

Perhaps there's a reason for this. Perhaps it's because Roseman is plotting to draft Hurts' replacement this week.

According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Roseman is trying to trade former Pro Bowl TE Zach Ertz before the draft and is "up to something with that 12th pick." The insinuation is the Eagles want to move up from the 12th pick and Ertz could be part of the trade package that makes it happen.

Why would a team that was picking No. 6 a few weeks ago before trading down want to trade back up? Common sense says it's to pick a quarterback, which fits the narrative the Eagles have written this offseason.

Not only were the Eagles reportedly interested in trading for Deshaun Watson this offseason, Roseman said they would try to improve the quarterback position too.