DeMarcus Lawrence overheard a conversation between a reporter and Tyrone Crawford about the Dallas Cowboys’ lack of sacks in recent weeks. The Cowboys have gone two consecutive games without recording a sack, and have just one in their past three games. It’s been 27 drives and counting since Lawrence took down Atlanta’s Matt Ryan midway through the second quarter three weeks ago. It’s been a stunning drop off for a unit that had 11 sacks in the first three games, and multiple sacks in seven of the first eight games. Lawrence made it clear there shouldn’t be any legitimate excuse or reason for it. Not the lack of holding penalties. Not the secondary struggles that have reduced the amount of time they have to get to an opposing quarterback. “Who cares? Nobody cares. Just get to the quarterback, put pressure on him and let’s get this job done,” Lawrence said. “That’s point blank, period. Just do the damn job.” Crawford didn’t dispute that notion, although there’s an understandable growing frustration among the pass rushers. The top pass rushers for the Cowboys are all in the midst of droughts.