There was a Sunday splash report that former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden is talking to the University of Tennessee about becoming the school’s next head coach. The report emerged just as Tennessee was about to hire Greg Schiano, which made the report a little suspect, to say the least. But Schiano then got the catch-and-release treatment, clearing the way for more talks with Gruden. Instead, UT has busted the budget and gone hunting for an even bigger name. Only not Gruden. So what was the deal with Gruden and Tennessee? Ira Kaufman of explained several weeks ago on PFT Live that Gruden has no interest in coaching at Tennessee. Clearly, however, those who are interested in getting Gruden the most possible money for whatever he does in 2018 are interested in creating as much potential interest in Gruden as possible, even if that interest is embellished, exaggerated, and/or flat-out fabricated. Gruden clearly wants something; otherwise, he wouldn’t be talking so much about returning to coaching. But here’s the beauty of his ambiguity: If Gruden never makes clear what he exactly wants, it will never seem as if he didn’t get what he wants.