Tottenham Hotspur may have won their Premier League match today over Everton, but all anyone wants to talk about is what happened between Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris and fan-favorite forward Son Heung-Min. The two were involved in an on-pitch altercation after the halftime whistle as they walked towards the tunnel, with Hugo apparently upset at something Sonny did or said just before the break.

There were heated words exchanged. There was some mild shoving. Mommy, why are Hugo and Sonny fighting?

First, let’s take a look at what happened at halftime. Time to Zapruder this sucker.

The camera is on Gio Lo Celso, probably the match’s best player, walking to the tunnel when Hugo barges into the frame, clearly unhappy. He starts yelling at Sonny, who starts yelling back. Gio, who is now literally in the middle, realizes what’s happening and tries to separate them. Hugo then shoves Sonny one-handed, and Son says something back to Hugo. 

Pretty quickly, other players get involved. Gio shoves Sonny forward to get him out of the way, as does Moussa Sissoko, who charges into the scene. Harry Winks almost puts Hugo in a headlock trying to defuse the situation, and he, SIssoko, and Lucas Moura attend to Hugo while Gio and Eric Dier continue to push Sonny further away from an obviously irate Lloris.

So what the heck happened? The whole kerfluffle stemmed from the final play of the half, which ended with a diagonal shot from Everton forward Richarlison that forced Hugo to make a dive to make sure it stayed out of the bottom corner. NBC’s Two Robbies — Earle and Mustoe — and host Rebecca Lowe do a pretty good job of breaking it down from wide footage.

Apparently, Hugo was LIVID at Sonny for what he felt was not tracking back on Everton’s midfielders, something that he felt led to Richarlison’s shot. You can see in the footage that Son does appear to be lackadaisical in the final part of the play, not immediately tracking back to mark the run of Yerry Mina, who advances with the ball pursued by Harry Kane. Mina finds Richarlison in space between the lines, and Richarlison puts a nice shot that thankfully goes just wide.