Jon Gruden is no longer the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, which is what he deserves. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times got wind of Gruden's flair for dragging his knuckles via a series of emails, and there was no way for Gruden to squint and grin until the subject shifted back to preparing for the Denver Broncos. He can eat all the game tape he wants; he'll just have to do it on his own time.

This is not a case of judging someone for some offhanded stuff he said privately a long time ago. Gruden revealed that he's a garden-variety boomer dinosaur who's comfortable expressing abusive language with his pals to virtue-signal his lack of virtue. But there was a longstanding pattern to his behavior that lasted at least until 2018, or right around the time the Raiders re-hired him. He also got caught, and he got caught because one of his pals happened to be a team executive who was dim enough to fling around all that casual racism, homophobia, and misogyny from his work account.

That subtext is important, and it requires some unpacking. The Gruden emails only surfaced because they were material to the NFL's investigation into the Washington Football Team's workplace culture under team owner Dan Snyder - a culture that was especially toxic for female employees. But who else was involved? How high does it go? What else is there? The league ripped off Gruden's head and jammed it onto a pike where it belongs - but it also hopes you'll stop paying attention to wherever else this sordid story might lead. There's a reason Gruden felt so comfortable emailing that kind of idiocy to a team executive.