Q: How could you say the Heat somehow "found a way" to win without Dwyane Wade? They're 17-3 without Wade over the past two seasons. -- Ed. A: During the regular season, in games when LeBron James has had to push himself more than you'd want during the regular season. Yes, the Heat went 3-0 without Wade and 1-2 with Wade during their six-game trip, but to say this team is better without one of the best, if not the best, shooting guards in the league is preposterous. What it speaks to is the depth of this roster and the ability of others to step up when needed. Q: Erik Spoelstra should entertain the idea of Wade off the bench. It provides more balanced scoring when he is not in the starting lineup. -- Jordan. A: Not going to happen now, not when Wade is 30. Perhaps when he is 35. And, again, don't overstate starting. Spoelstra has done a nice job of rotating through his starters so that he always has at least one, and more likely two, of his Big Three on the court. It's what makes this team unique. Besides, the Heat have instant offense off the bench in Ray Allen.