In a post to Minor League Ball, John Sickels downgrades Mets 3B prospect Wilmer Flores from a B+ to a B-, despite saying, "I am very impressed with the improvement he showed with the bat." The knock on Flores is his fielding. He has always read like a guy without a position. I've watched him play third and second, where he looks 'good enough,' though also a bit amateurish. "His arm works just fine at third and he doesn't make an excessive number of errors, but his range is mediocre," Sickels explains. "His bat profiles better at second base, but he probably lacks the requisite quickness to play there long-term. He doesn't run well enough to be an attractive outfield option, but will he hit enough to play first base? Obviously, there are still a lot of questions about Flores, but his stock with the bat has definitely rebounded."