With the calendar now well into 2019, the Calgary Flames are sitting in first place in the Pacific Division with 58 points, and are a comfortable 13 points up on the fourth place Anaheim Ducks. It’s safe to say that barring collapse that the Flames will be a playoff team this year.

With that in mind, the focus should shift to what the Flames gameplan may be heading into the 2019 Trade Deadline. Should the Flames be buyers? Or should they stay firm with the lineup that’s taken them this far?

There have been some rumors circulating that the Flames may be looking to bolster the left side of their defense, and then there’s always discussion of if they should shore up their goaltending with Mike Smith faltering. Calgary may also be looking at an additional middle six forward to add some scoring depth.

A couple things that will prove challenging to the Flames is that they have a tight cap situation, and limited assets to give up in terms of picks and prospects. The Flames should probably focus on players who are rentals with expiring deals after this year, as things are already looking tight next year.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the team who will definitely be selling come February 25. For the record, the selling lines I used were teams 6+ points out in the West, and teams 7+ points out in the East.