It is fairly quiet in the NBA world -- unless you have a vested interest in USA basketball or Kevin Love. On Monday, after an report stated the Timberwolves had an eye on Thaddeus Young if they trade Love, questions started appearing on my Twitter account about Young and what the Sixers could get for him. Here is the latest in Dei-Mails. @zvolm1012 suggested the Sixers could use Young to get their hands on Andrew Wiggins. In this scenario, the Cavaliers would acquire the Sixers' 2015 first-round pick, Dario Saric and Love, while the Timberwolves would get Anthony Bennett, Dion Waiters and Young. @Phillyspicer wrote, "will give up Thad Young and unprotected first-round pick which will be top five, for Wiggins; Hinkie is the GOAT!" @martinwhowe was all in favor of moving Young saying, "c'mon Sam get on it." Two first-round picks plus Thaddeus Young seems expensive for Andrew Wiggins. But if Sixers president Sam Hinkie believes Wiggins will live up to the hype that led Cleveland to select him with the No. 1 overall pick this past June, then three for one is worth it. The Cavaliers instantly become the favorite to come out of the east pairing LeBron James with Love. However, is the deal good enough for Minnesota? Until further notice, Bennett is the worst No. 1 overall pick in the history of the draft. He rivals Kwame Brown for the honor. Bennett appeared in 52 games as a rookie last season for Cleveland. He averaged 4.2 points and 3.0 rebounds playing 12.8 minutes per game. Bennett looked OK in the Las Vegas summer league earlier this month, but he has a long way to go if he is to meet any of the expectations people had for him when he turned pro. Waiters is a nice player who averaged 15.9 points and shot 36.8 percent from three-point range as a reserve shooting-guard for the Cavaliers last year. Waiters has two years of NBA experience.