The Miami Hurricanes Athletic Department has slumped into a disgraceful state under Athletic Director Blake James. I wrote about this in 2018 in a post titled “The decline of Miami Hurricanes men’s athletics,” and three years later can you really say that I was wrong? Nepotism has been the name of the game for the disappointing baseball and football programs while the basketball program has seen a mass exodus after a slump under 71 year old coach Jim Larrañaga.

I may have missed on some of my picks for interviewees but it’s also not my damn career path to know who is on the shortlist for the University of Miami. If it was I would be constantly reaching out and updating to keep a pool of potential head coaches and assistants ready and waiting in case of a need for change. But I was right that the Manny Diaz hire would define James’ legacy at Miami, one of ineptitude. 

The Hurricanes have turned into an After School Special. There’s a clear issue that we can all learn from in order to never makes the mistake of paying Temple $4 million for a head coach who has never been in charge of a program again. MTV’s Awkward, which ran from 2011-2016, had an A.S.S. episode of their own in season three, episode 15 titled “A very special episode of Awkward.”

The series is hinged on dorky Jenna Hamilton making a babyface run into popularity with a major heel turn by cheating on her popular boyfriend Matty with hipster doofus Colin. When Jenna has turned to the sticky icky and her new, edgy boyfriend, her friends are pushed to LSU and Utah State and even her Athletic Director is left wondering... What are we gonna do about Manny, uh, I mean Jenna.