Breaking down what the Yankees will likely do with Gleyber Torres, perhaps the most exciting prospect to come through their system in years. The Yankees’ youth movement had been in the works for a long time before it broke through at the major-league level to huge results last year. Twenty-somethings Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez and others carried the team to Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. Not only is the youth movement not finished, but one of its most promising contributors hasn’t even shown up in the Bronx yet. It won’t be long, however, until 20-year-old shortstop Gleyber Torres dons pinstripes and starts trying to show why ranks him the best prospect in the game and Baseball America has hime at No. 3. In fact, it’s nearly a guarantee that Torres will take over a longterm spot in the Yankees’ lineup in 2018. Might not happen right away, though. There are a bunch of factors in play. So let’s break down what the Yankees could do with Torres.