New Carolina Panthers coach Frank Reich had two key components in 2017, when he won a Super Bowl as the offensive coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles, that he doesn’t have now.

He had a Pro Bowl quarterback in Carson Wentz, a Super Bowl MVP in quarterback Nick Foles and a Pro Bowl tight end in Zach Ertz.

Philadelphia and the Kansas City Chiefs, which meet on Sunday in Super Bowl LVII, have the same key components at quarterback and tight end -- the Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, the Eagles in Jalen Hurts and Dallas Goedert.

Those components are the biggest missing pieces from a Carolina roster that has 18 of 22 starters from last season under contract in 2023. It's a roster many who interviewed for the job Reich got believed was the strongest among the five teams with head coach openings.

Finding those pieces, particularly at quarterback, will be Reich’s biggest challenge.

“We see teams go from big-time losing to big-time winning, even competing for championships all in the space of one year,’’ said Reich, who was hired in large part because of his offensive background. “It’s possible.

“The reason we see these things happen is because what we already instinctively know: The difference between winning and losing, it’s in the margins, it’s in the details, it’s one player at a time ... it’s about focusing on getting it right.’’

With that, let’s take a close look at the roster Reich inherited.