One fortuitous bounce of a lottery ball can change nearly everything for the Montreal Canadiens. There’s a 9.5 per cent chance of things falling their way this Saturday, gifting them a generational talent in Swedish defenceman Rasmus Dahlin. It’s a longshot, but if you see Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin doing his happy dance at CBC studios on Saturday, you’ll know what it means. For him, it could mean more job security than he’d have otherwise had. Not because he’ll have had any influence on the luck of the draw, but because the addition of Dahlin can solve nearly every problem the Canadiens have. A partner for Shea Weber? Check. An addition that shifts everyone else on the blue line into their proper seat? One that strengthens the unit in front of goaltender Carey Price? One that moves the play further away from Montreal’s end? Check. A considerable boost to the Canadiens special teams units? Check. A piece that helps convince free agents (perhaps a certain New York Islanders centre) they can win in short order with the Canadiens? Bingo.