Russell Westbrook shot free throws, completed a set of playful push-ups as teammate Serge Ibaka balanced a Gatorade bottle on his back and then got out of dodge, darting off the practice court and ducking behind the safe and secluded walls inside the Thunder's training center. When he emerges, his next public appearance could be a long-awaited return to the Oklahoma City Thunder lineup. Westbrook participated in his first full practice Wednesday afternoon, according to Thunder coach Scott Brooks, and is now believed to be a game-time decision for Thursday's clash with Miami. “We'll see how he feels (Thursday),” Brooks said. “He did look good … He's increased his activity. He's done some things the last couple of shootarounds … But he looked good. His timing was pretty good.” Westbrook missed the past 27 games while recovering from a third knee surgery in sixth months. A loose stitch from the original procedure required the second surgery before the start of the season, and chronic swelling mandated a third operation. The complications have forced the three-time All-Star point guard to miss 30 games this season. Oklahoma City went 22-8 in those games. The Thunder was 21-4 with Westbrook in the lineup. “With Russell coming back,” Brooks said, “it adds a dynamic player on both ends of the floor.” At the same time, Westbrook's return also raises a significant set of questions for the best team in basketball, none as imperative or intriguing as how Westbrook now fits next to Kevin Durant, the franchise player who took flight in his fellow All-Star's absence and took his game to another level. It's the latest chapter in the career-long narrative surrounding arguably the game's best one-two punch. First it was said that they couldn't coexist. Soon, sensible spectators recognized and appreciated Westbrook was dominant, too, and most backed down from the brutal criticism heaped upon him. Then, nine months ago, it became unequivocally clear through the Thunder's eye-opening postseason performance that Durant desperately needed Westbrook.