First, the good news. Russell Westbrook is back. Do you read me? RUSSELL WESTBROOK is back! Russell the Lionheart returned to the lineup of merry old OKC. He missed all of 11 games that mattered. Seemed like 11 hundred. Now the bad news. The Thunder needed virtually all of Westbrook's 32 minutes and 45 seconds to put away the hapless Phoenix Suns 103-96 Sunday night. The Thunder's offensive quagmire continued in game 3 of the NBA season. In fact, I figure Westbrook got the medical clearance to play about eight minutes into that fiasco Friday night in Minnesota. The Thunder offense has been abysmal so far. Of course, there's rusty and there's messing-around-with-Phoenix-at-home rusty. No way should the Thunder trail the Suns by six points with 71/2 minutes left in the game. No way should Phoenix be within two points with 30 seconds left. But until the Thunder starts making shots or working its way through offensive morass, victory of any kind will be much appreciated. And this one was. It would have been a shame to ruin Westbrook's return, a full month ahead of the Thunder's pessimistic prognosis. The arena erupted when Westbrook led the squad onto the court for a pregame layup drill, and it exploded again when Westbrook was the final Boomer announced with the starting lineups, a magnanimous gesture by Kevin Durant to let his sidekick have full a hero's welcome.