Charlie Bright knew it was a longshot, but given the circumstances, figured it was worth a try. So the recent OU grad and big Thunder fan shot Russell Westbrook a Facebook message earlier this week, with an eye-catching opening, hoping it would make its way to OKC’s star point guard. “I put in big bold letters of my first words on the message as MARRIAGE PROPOSAL,” Bright remembered, by phone, on Friday night. ”Because I wanted to kind of grab his attention as he peeked through his inbox.” It was the second part of his developing plan to propose to girlfriend Rachel Haycraft on Friday afternoon. Both are huge OU fans. Both are huge Thunder fans. They met at a Sooner football game and went to a Thunder game for their first date. So, Bright wanted to incorporate the two into his special proposal. The first part was easy. He would take her to the north gate at Gaylord Memorial Stadium, under the clock tower, and propose there. The Thunder portion took more planning and a bit of luck. “Two or three days went by and I didn’t hear from him, so I didn’t really think anything else of it,” Bright said of his Facebook message to Westbrook. “Then on Wednesday, he messaged me back real short and said ‘I’m down, what’s the plan?’” Soon after, Bright and his favorite team’s All-Star point guard were hashing out all the important details, including what Westbrook would tweet and exactly when he would tweet it (4:30 p.m. on Friday). And on Friday afternoon, Bright got Haycraft to the spot, disguising their walk across campus as a quick trip to one of his work sites (he’s a civil engineer). And sure enough, Westbrook followed through.