Let's make one thing clear from the jump -- the Eagles are Carson Wentz's team. He is the best quarterback on the roster. He is the franchise. 


One thing that was obvious during a press conference Nick Foles held last month was that he is much more than a backup quarterback. Foles carried himself like a starting quarterback and  talked like a starting quarterback. With a Super Bowl MVP on his resume, he should probably be a starting quarterback as well. Foles is universally loved in the Eagles' locker room and he is a big reason the players have a ring on their finger. 

Why does this matter?

As Wentz returns from his ACL injury, there has to be a little part of him that feels the need to reprove himself to the rest of the locker room. The locker room believes in Wentz, but they also believe in Foles. In many ways the Eagles have two quarterbacks on their roster -- and as we all know, if you have two quarterbacks, sometimes you don't even have one.