Chris Singleton has been through an interesting trip since he was drafted by the Wizards in 2011. The first-round pick was valued so highly by the Wizards (and other teams) that the front office was contemplating taking him with their 6th pick instead of the 18th--just because he was touted as that good of a defender. After he, Jan Vesely, and Shelvin Mack were added to the roster, these rookies were rudderless--the lockout rendered them unable to communicate with the team and and their coaches. Without a way to get oriented to the team, all they could do was wait for the season to start. When the season finally did start, Singleton was thrust into the lineup as the starting small forward. While no one would call his performance stellar, it was certainly passable from the standpoint of a young, rebuilding team (especially one so young that its locked-out players barely had time to get to know one another). The 2012-2013 season was going to be different, though. Singleton learned things in the offseason and tried to parlay the dual forward skills he harnessed at Florida State into a more versatile role for the team. Through summer league, the preaseason, and the early part of the regular season, Singleton played a Stretch-4 role. After all, with Ariza and Webster splitting duties so well at the 3, there wasn't much room for him there. But with a thinner rotation to start the year, Singleton had his chance to shine.