Vancouver Canuck grinder Dale Weise never planned to be a suspended hockey player and a first-time father all in the same week but that's the way his world unfolded. Last Saturday he delivered a shot to the head of Edmonton Oiler star Taylor Hall and Monday received a three-game suspension from the NHL all games to be served during the pre-season. On Tuesday evening his girlfriend Lauren Raban starting having contractions and by 2 a.m. Wednesday they were on the way to hospital. Later that afternoon Hunter Weise was born weighing in at seven pounds nine ounces. Had he not been suspended Dale would most likely have been with the team in San Jose when the contractions began and sitting helplessly on the plane home when it was time for Lauren to head for hospital. “You know what? It was perfect timing being suspended absolutely perfect timing” Weise said Friday following practice at Rogers Arena. “Everything happens for a reason. If I had been playing in San Jose I would have been a little late getting her to the hospital. So I'm glad I was there. It was an amazing experience. Seeing your own baby is just the wildest experience. I can't put it into words.” Hunter came home Thursday night and dad Dale went back to work Friday morning his three-game suspension all served. “I'm fresh and ready to go” said Weise who will likely skate on the Canucks' fourth line in next Thursday's season opener against the Sharks. “I can't wait to play. I don't think missing the three games has hurt me at all. I know the systems and what some people don't understand is that when you're not playing you're not sitting in the press box eating popcorn. I'm at the rink in the morning doing an extra skate I'm working out at night and I'm working out after the game. We really push the guys who don't play to stay in game shape.” Weise 25 sensed he would be suspended when he hit Hall high. He received only a two-minute penalty and when he emerged from the penalty box was immediately challenged by Oiler ruffian Mike Brown. Hall wasn't hurt on the play “I kind of figured the suspension was going to be what it was” Weise said. “Obviously it wasn't deliberate but it was a head shot and we're trying to get those out of the game.” Weise wasn't certain whether he would be forced to answer the bell again when the Canucks and Oilers meet Oct. 5 in Game 2 of the regular season. He answered Brown's challenge and in the past that has usually been enough. “It's tough to say whether I'll face more retribution” Weise shrugged. “I was challenged and I fought but I don't know if there is really a code anymore. I knew it was a head shot I knew it was on Taylor Hall one of their big guys and I knew they weren't happy about it. I expected to answer the bell for that and I did. If they feel I need to face a little more retribution that's fine with me.” In the meantime Weise can share new-dad stories with defenceman Andrew Alberts whose son Jackson was born Sept. 17. Jackson weighed in at seven pounds three ounces.