Kevin Porter Jr. tosses his lunch

The Kevin Porter Jr. experience in Cleveland is over thanks in large part to a recent locker-room outburst in which the recent No. 30 pick reportedly yelled at staff and threw food.

For Cavaliers fans, the incident brought back memories of a similar episode from March 2018 when former swingman J.R. Smith hucked a bowl of chicken tortilla soup at then-assistant coach Damon Jones.

It's impossible to ignore the uniting factor between the original "Soup-gate" and Porter's reported tirade ...

While Porter's projectile of choice has yet to be divulged, we've assembled the betting odds:

Five-cheese burrito bowl (with guacamole) - 5-1

Fruit salad (mostly just the remaining honeydew) - 11-2

Nondescript chicken tendies and fries - 7-1

Bowl of chicken tortilla soup - 8-1

Large Tupperware container of orange wedges - 13-1

Roast chicken (with family-sized potato wedges and coleslaw) - 15-1

Cedi Osman's homemade baklava - 30-1

Waldorf salad (with craisins) - 100-1

Shrimp cocktail - 300-1

Oysters Rockefeller - 10000-1

Here's what theScore's own gambling writer Alex Kolodziej had to say about the odds:

Sharper bettors would pounce on nondescript tendies and fries at 7-1. After all, writer Brenda Cain once said, "there's not much special about these tenders on their own." Porter would be unfazed hurling a basket full of Grade-B Cleveland cluck at the forehead of a passive Taurean Prince.