Doug Weight has heard the cries from Islander fans. As yet another call-up from Bridgeport, big winger Ross Johnston, makes his season debut here on Saturday, the cry went up again: Where is Josh Ho-Sang? The Isles’ talented young wing is still toiling away in the AHL, where he has two goals and five assists in 13 games since he was sent down on Dec. 14, along with one healthy scratch. Since then, the Islanders have had numerous forward injuries, but Ho-Sang has not been brought back. “[The fans] can be upset he’s not here,” Weight told Newsday on Saturday morning. “They see his skill, they look at analytics. I understand that. But why did Tanner Fritz get an opportunity? Why did Steve Bernier come up right away? That is how you build your whole organization, with accountability. And there has to be accountability. There has to.” Weight said Josh Bailey’s injury on Jan. 5 should have been the perfect opportunity for Ho-Sang to come back to the Islanders, where he began this season. But the Islanders organization — that’s GM Garth Snow, Weight (who is also an assistant GM), Bridgeport coach Brent Thompson and assistant GM Chris Lamoriello — didn’t see where Ho-Sang would have learned much since he wasn’t, in their view, working hard in the AHL. “It’s a crying shame he’s not playing with John Tavares when Bails goes down,” Weight said. “We had six guys out. It was a perfect opportunity. And Josh should be upset with himself. “Whether our view of the world is wrong is something we can argue later. But the fact is, we need to be able to look at how some guys are laying it on the line [in Bridgeport] and he’s a healthy scratch. So to go from that to the first lineup here, where is he learning from that? That’s a big, big part of this.” The Islanders have not written Ho-Sang off by any means. When Snow drafted Ho-Sang 28th overall in 2014, there were several other teams that wouldn’t have taken Ho-Sang at all. The Islanders knew Ho-Sang was and is his own young man; if they wanted to wash their hands of him, it would have happened by now.