Nothing has come easy this season for Rickie Weeks. One night after finally getting his batting average up to .200 for the season, the Brewers second baseman regressed with a 0-for-4 showing Saturday in a 6-4 loss to Pittsburgh. He did deliver a run with a groundout but also struck out three times to boost his National League-high total to 103. Weeks dropped back to .197 after finally getting up to .200 for the first time since April 28. Weeks bottomed out at .152 on May 27 and had to work for a month and a half just to get back to the Mendoza line. All of this from a player who made the NL all-star team in 2011. "I haven't been worried about my average too much," said Weeks. "The main thing is just to feel better (at the plate). It feels good to do that. I don't really look too far past just working hard. "I can't pinpoint any one thing. I haven't had that feeling all year up there, so you just keep working. I never went through anything like that before and I don't want to again. I just kept working and kept playing, tried to keep a positive attitude. "The best thing in situations like that is to have a short-term memory. In the moment, it sucks. But, after the game, you move on. It's done." Manager Ron Roenicke didn't get a ton of feedback from Weeks during his prolonged struggle and said hitting coach Johnny Narron hasn't mentioned any one reason behind the long climb back to .200. "(Narron) just says he's swinging the bat better," Roenicke said before Weeks' tough night. "I don't know the specifics of what they've worked on lately but I know they're in the cage working every day.