Vernon Wells had been in this situation many times in his career, but it had been five years since he'd won a game in this fashion. He changed his thinking, and it resulted in a walk-off hit. "Most of those times in that situation, when you come up late innings, usually you're thinking about hitting homers instead of just putting the ball in play," Wells said. "Most of the times, we do ourselves an injustice by trying to do too much in situations like that." Wells hit a bloop single to center off Mariners pitcher Dan Cortes in the 10 th inning to give the Angels a 1-0 victory after they left 12 men on base and wasted another brilliant Jered Weaver outing. Weaver pitched nine scoreless innings with eight strikeouts and just one walk, but he had no run support. Same old story. Twice, catcher Jeff Mathis had runners in scoring position with two outs, and he struck out. This was likely Weaver's last game before serving a six-game suspension since getting ejected from Sunday's game in Detroit for throwing a pitch up and in to Alex Avila. Weaver is appealing the suspension, and even though it puts the Angels in a quandary, needing two other starters (struggling Joel Piñeiro was just moved to the bullpen) if he doesn't drop the appeal and start the suspension, he said after Friday's game he's still moving on with it. "I'm sure (Angels manager Mike) Scioscia would've said something to not make that happen," Weaver said of his team being in a bind. "We're going to follow through with that and see what happens. If it puts us in an awkward situation, I'm sure Scioscia would say something about it.