Right here at the top, in front of God and all of Kansas City, should be my public apology to Eric Hosmer. I only know Eric a little, but have always found him to be polite and pleasant and kind. He is the product of a loving family and selfless support system, and they should all be proud of the young man he's become. He doesn't deserve the lies I've been telling about him at home, about how he never opens doors for women and leaves dirty dishes in the sink and probably kicks a puppy every time he makes an out. So, Eric, I'm sorry. But in my defense: there's only so many times a man can watch his wife oogle at the television before he tries something desperate. Eric Hosmer is Kansas City's next sports star. You see that, right? If not, you soon will. There will be a time, probably not long from now, that Hosmer will have a case with Tamba Hali and Eric Berry and Bill Self and anybody else you might consider the biggest star in town. He is the most talented player in a dream-making group that Royals fans have been waiting on since Hosmer was in kindergarten. And in that way, he just might be both the best and most important player the franchise has had since George Brett. Read that again if you want. It'll be just as true the second time.