Andrew Wiggins’ ability on a basketball court makes him unique. The way he handled the most important decision of his life really separated him from his peers. Some have compared the gifted 6-foot-8 Wiggins, the top consensus top high school player in the country from Huntington Prep (West Virginia), via Canada, to LeBron James. But he’s no LeBron James -- we saw that on Tuesday with his announcement that he’s headed to Kansas -- and we mean that in a flattering way. Wiggins didn’t hold a huge press conference -- just one local media member was invited to Huntington Prep for the heavily anticipated decision in front of classmates, friends and family. And he isn’t joining the mass of stars John Calipari has collected at Kentucky, shunning Big Blue Nation. Wiggins shocked everyone by picking Kansas, a powerhouse program that lost all five of its starters from last year’s team. He opted not to follow his parents trail at Florida State, either. It’s a choice that should be applauded. Wiggins seems like a throwback, a regular kid who just wants to play basketball and would prefer to avoid the heavy media spotlight that comes with someone who has such an elite skill set. It’s a breath of fresh air, a kid not laying out a bunch of hats or going on national television to announce something so simplistic as which college he will select. In the lead-up, he avoided interviews, and dodged the subject.