There’s still no love lost between C.J. Watson and Nate Robinson. The two backup point guards, who have gone at it throughout the first round series between the Nets and Bulls, were back at each other again — literally — in the second quarter of Chicago’s 142-134 triple-overtime win over the Nets yesterday. After Robinson took exception to Watson trying to clear space for himself by swinging his arm out in Robinson’s direction, Robinson grabbed Watson and drove him into the scorer’s table, where they had to be separated by the referees. Robinson picked up a personal foul on the play, and both were assessed technical fouls, as well. “He pushed me, and I was holding him so I wouldn’t fall into the table,” said Watson, who said he was confused about what he did to earn a technical foul. “It was nothing.” When Watson was asked if he thought it was a cheap shot by Robinson, he made it clear how he feels about his counterpart. “I mean, that’s in his character, so that doesn’t surprise me,” Watson said.