When the 2013-14 NBA campaign concludes for the Portland Trail Blazers, the 13-year NBA veteran point guard, Earl Watson, will have a difficult decision to ponder: Does he try for one more year of playing or enter the NBA coaching profession? Just last offseason, according to a league source, Watson turned down an offer to be an assistant coach for a Western Conference team. He ultimately decided he still had something left in the tank. At the current moment, Watson, 34, will continue playing both roles for the Trail Blazers – coach and player. Youngsters, Will Barton and Thomas Robinson, refer to the vet as the player-coach of the squad and credits him for keeping their minds right when buried in frustration over lack of playing time. “He’s the one guy that I know that’s going to keep things in perspective,” Barton said. “He has a calming influence. When you’re young in this league, it’s good to have a veteran who has been down that road already. You can respect that, knowing he’s trying to help you out.” He’s watching over the youngsters and the Trail Blazers’ coaching staff is watching over him. During games, you’ll notice Watson sits right next to the coaches on the bench. Every single game, he’s parked next to the assistants as he picks their brains, asks questions, talks strategies, and makes suggestions. Knowing the career path Watson is headed for, the coaching staff, consisting of Head Coach Terry Stotts and his assistants Jay Triano, David Vanterpool, Nate Tibbetts, Kim Hughes, and Dale Osbourne, have taken it upon themselves to make sure they inject as much of their coaching knowledge into Watson before he’s out roaming the sidelines in a three-piece suit.