The NHL Players Association was hoping their proposal renewed a sense of optimism a lockout could be avoided. That was quickly quashed, however, when NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters Wednesday there was still a wide gap between the two sides a day after receiving the offer. It was a shot across the bow and many expected the players association to come back with their own unreasonable demands, which surprisingly didn't happen Tuesday in Toronto. "It was frustrating to say the least, it wasn't a fair deal to be honest," said Edmonton Oilers captain and player representative Shawn Horcoff on the NHL's offer. "There were guys that were pissed off and there was talk of doing that (lowball) from our side. But I think the main focus when the players calmed down, was that, that wasn't going to get us anywhere. That was only going to delay the process. If you want to miss the whole season again, then we can go ahead and lowball them coming back."