Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson's biggest concern when he talked with reporters this morning was the weather. The 70-year-old skipper said he hoped that 26-year-old lefty Ross Detwiler could get today's start in since Detwiler will be leaving soon to join the US Team in the World Baseball Classic on March 9th, but rain threatened to delay the 1:05 start time of the Nats' Grapefruit League game with the Atlanta Braves. In discussing other topics with reporters, Johnson touched on Wilson Ramos and the catcher's rehab, Chad Tracy and his injured arm and the state of the NL East heading into the 2013 season. • Update: Detwiler did end up getting to pitch, here's his line: There were several reports this morning that 25-year-old Nats' catcher Wilson Ramos was going to attempt to get some sliding drills in for the first time since undergoing two separate surgeries on his knee to repair a torn ACL and meniscus last summer. Davey Johnson said that Ramos taking that next step was news to him, though it's news the manager has been waiting to hear. "I've been asking, 'When he's going to slide?" Johnson said, "Because he's not going to be able to even DH until he slides and the word I heard is that [team Dr. Wiemi Douoguih] is coming in on [March] 6th and then he would let him know if he could slide." "That's what I heard today from a man called Lee Kuntz," Johnson said, referring to the team's head athletic trainer. "I haven't even heard that a trainer was going to let him slide," the Nats' manager continued noting the tarp covering the field at the Braves' Spring Home, "although this would be a good tarp right here when it rains to go out there and slide."