Ryan Zimmerman's 2012 season can be split into two halves. Before Cortisone and After Cortisone. Before the 27-year-old third baseman had a cortisone shot that took on June 24th 2012, the Nats' '05 1st Round pick had a .218/.285/.305 line with 10 doubles and three home runs in 55 games and 242 PAs as he struggled with what was diagnosed as inflammation in the AC joint of his right shoulder which slowed his bat and sapped him of power. After the hard-hitting third baseman had the shot before the 6/24 game against the Baltimore Orioles, Zimmerman went out and had a 2 for 4 game that day and over the next 75 games, Zimmerman posted a .332/.396/.598 line with 21 doubles and 19 HRs in 338 PAs.