The ill will directed toward C.J. Wilson on Friday night came from a sellout crowd, not the manager's office in the Texas Rangers' clubhouse. Ron Washington said that he appreciated the contributions Wilson gave the Rangers during his time with them, especially the last two years as a starting pitcher. The left-hander, who started for Anaheim to open a three-game series at Rangers Ballpark, received a text message from Washington shortly after Wilson joined the Angels in December. The message essentially was a thank-you note to Wilson, who occasionally disagreed with Washington but respected his role as manager. "For everything he did, and I wished him all the luck in the world," Washington. "But then again, in the game of baseball that happens. People move forward. People move on. "We didn't always see eye to eye, but that's OK because that's his personality. That's what I want out of my players, their personalities. They don't have to come in here politically correct, and a lot of times he didn't. But I said what I had to say, and he said what he had to say. When it was all over, he respected me and I respected him."